At 100 mt from the Reception of Colleoli Farm Holidays:
A restaurant of charm, history and nature.

In the heart of Tuscany, between Pisa and Florence, lies the village of Colleoli, gently resting on top of a hill surrounded by olive groves and tuff.

The elegant restaurant “The Centuries” offers a level of a revival of the traditional recipes of Tuscan Renaissance

The restaurant is located on the site of the original castle, which dates back to Medieval times,
it was purchased in 1424 by the family of aristocratic Agostini Venerosi Silk and transformed into a mansion and country estate, then became a comfortable holiday resort,
between the seventeenth and the eighteenth century, thanks to major renovations and enriched interior, frescoes and decorations.

The WineHouse “The Council of the Senses” is located in the village of Colleoli, located near the restaurant, was built in an old cellar aging of the wine that was originally part of the farm.
The wine bar is decorated in a simple style that recalls the Italian décor and atmosphere of the farm, creating a relaxing environment to eat and taste the wine room.


  • Restaurant “I Secoli”
  • Wine House “Il Concilio dei Sensi”, by “Il Palazzo” of Borgo di Colleoli
  • Restaurant and Wine house – 0587/622010