Our Product

The property is about 200 acres of land, surrounded with olive groves, which still form the our important resource, remaining only this fact as the primary production of extra virgin olive oil.
In fact meant only the name Colleoli, in ancient times, “The Mount of Olives”.

Italian extra virgin oil of olive known since 1865, thanks to the excellent performance and numerous awards and medals at international level. For over 30 years located in San Miniato,
a town on the beautiful hills of San Miniato, the exhibition of white truffle, which transforms the city located place in a large open-air laboratory.
To act as a boundary to the large load on the nose, the other Tuscan specialties are offered by other cities in the rooms, each with their present prdodotti typical, such as olive oil, cheese, salami ….

About 20 km away from the farm
Offers in the time for short stays
Bus service to San Miniato starting points in the detection